Valves Accessories

Accessories for Valves include – Hydrant Blank Caps, Hydrant Blank Caps with 1” Thread Outlet, Hydrant Outlet Caps, Stopper Cup Washer, Hydrant Dolly Cap, Gate Valve Hand Wheel only, Backflow Cage Large and Small, PSL Standpipe with Backflow Prevention, PSL Contractor Standpipe, PSL Hydrant Standpipe Base, PSL Uncontrolled Single Head Standpipe, PSL Standpipe Base Seal, PSL Standpipe Outlet Washer, Spindle Cap Blue or Red, Handwheel to suit service or Sluice Valves, Long Valve Ext Spindle, Hy-Ram Sandwich Valve MK3 with Nuts, Washers and Gaskets.