Ductile Iron Fittings

Our range of DI Fittings offer durability and strength across a range of applications, we have Flanged Bends, SOC-SOC Bends, Flanged Cross, Flanged Spigot Connector, Socket Flange Adaptor, Expansion Joint Single Sphere, Blank Flange, Blank Flange Tapped, Socket End Cap, Hydrant Riser Slotted, FL-FL DI Pipe, FL-FL DI Pipe C/W Puddle Flange, Flanged Reducer, Flanged Tee, Flanged Tee Slotted, Spigot Flanged Tee, SOC-SOC-SOC Tee, SOC-SOC-FL Tee, FL-FL-FL Y Junction. 

Ductile Iron Fittings – Brochure